Renewal and Maintenance of Certification

National Virtual Teacher Renewal Certification is your way of demonstrating that you have met the profession’s highest standards for virtual teaching. As practices and technology change so frequently, recertification allows you to maintain up-to-date and informed on best practices.

The NVTA Certification is valid for two years. In order to be the best virtual teacher you can be, you have to continue to learn, adopt new technologies, and identify better modalities of instruction continually. Learning is not a one-and-done experience – like your students, you need to continue exploring how to make yourself the best virtual teacher you can be.

Why Renew?

The NVTA board researches and tests the best techniques for virtual instruction along with determining what new technology should be adopted to assist in a student’s educational journey each year. Your renewal will enable you to master these new strategies to bring into your classrooms. The NVTA Certification Renewal is about sharing constantly updated best practices with our members.

How to Renew

Renewal is a different process than your original certification.

  1. Take the renewal course that will outline the new teaching strategies and technology options.
  2. Pass the written assessment.
  3. Watch video examples of master virtual teachers demonstrating how to utilize these strategies.
  4. Submit two videos showing how you are implementing the new strategies successfully in your classrooms.

Renewal Fee: $299

Are you ready to become a superhero for your students?


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