About Us

A Virtual Teacher Can Change a Student’s Life

The National Virtual Teacher Association (NVTA) was created to set a standard for teaching students virtually. Teaching in a virtual environment is not easy – it requires a completely different set of skills from teaching in a normal classroom. We want to help teachers interested in becoming effective virtual educators learn how to instruct students in a virtual environment. Virtual education is growing at an outstanding rate and the NVTA believes that a new standard needs to be set in order to ensure students receive a quality education through this new medium.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Inspire Virtual Teachers to provide excellent instruction.

Vision: A world where virtual teaching is as good as or more effective than in-person instruction.

Certification Council

Each member of the Certification Council responsible for evaluating teachers through the certification process has these minimum requirements:

  • Certified Teacher
  • 5+ Years teaching in a virtual environment
  • Has provided video examples of their own teaching
  • 3+ years as a mentor teacher
  • Currently employed as a virtual teacher

Built from Virtual Teaching Experience

The NVTA was built by a group of educational leaders that have pioneered the delivery of virtual education in the K-12 and post K-12 spaces. We believe that when a virtual teacher is trained properly, they can create a world-class learning environment that engages students on a medium they live in every day. We believe it’s time to start focusing on how to be an effective virtual teacher by building a community of educators that want to work as a group to create standards and share quality educational options.

Are you ready to become a superhero for your students?


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