Maintenance of Certification

Teachers who are certified through the National Virtual Teacher Association are recognized as being on the cutting edge of virtual instruction. From crafting engaging digital lesson plans to delivering masterful synchronous content, we acknowledge the critical role of technology resources in implementing a highly effective virtual classroom.

As a result of tech-dependency in the virtual classroom, we hold educators to a high standard when it comes to earning and maintaining the NVTA certification. A lifetime certification in technology that is continuously evolving would be doing our students a great disservice. To ensure educators are remaining current on tech trends and advancements, NVTA requires them to maintain their certification by renewing it every two years.

Why Renew?

The NVTA board researches and tests the best techniques for virtual instruction along with determining what new technology should be adopted to assist in a student’s educational journey each year. Your renewal will enable you to master these new strategies to bring into your classrooms. The NVTA Certification Renewal is about sharing constantly updated best practices with our members.

Educators in the virtual classroom are leading by example- they are lifelong learners, willing to adapt, grow, and take risks in an arena that will challenge their thinking and support their development as professionals in their field.

How to Renew

Renewal is a different process than your original certification.

NVTA has created the following menu of options for earning the required credits for certification maintenance. These options were designed to recognize the hard work educators are already investing in and to offer extension activities for those who may need options outside of the traditional PD route. Any combination of eight credits will satisfy the maintenance requirements.

 Step 1: Complete payment by clicking the “RENEW TODAY” button below.
Step 2: Email your 8 hours of continuing education credits to our team.

Certification Renewal Options


Complete 8 hours of Continuing Education related to Ed Tech. Any combination of the following options may be used to attain 8 hours. Submit the renewal form and supporting documentation at least 3 days before your certification expires to avoid late fees.




Late fee: There is an additional $99 fee to be due upon renewal submission if the certification is expired.


  • Lead a PD Session on virtual instruction for your campus/district team.
  • Provide documentation of content, date, time and audience signed by your supervisor.
  • 1 credit hour for each hour you lead the session.
  • No additional charge by NVTA.


  • Pass college courses in ed tech (undergrad, grad, or program/certificate; must have both ED and TECH in the course).
  • Receive 1 renewal credit hour per college credit hour.
  • No additional charge by NVTA.


  • Valued up to 8 credit renewal hours.
  • $49 review fee.


  • Virtual instruction.
  • Provide a certificate of completion indicating total hours attended and the content of the PD.
  • Include a paragraph explaining how you will implement what you learned in your virtual classroom and/or proof that you shared the content in a PLC.
  • No additional charge by NVTA.


  • Complete the course including walkthrough and formal observation rubrics.
  • Valued at 6 credit renewal hours.
  • $99 to register for the course.


  • Complete a series of assignments/projects.
  • Valued at 4 credit renewal hours.
  • $49 review fee.