Certification Course FAQs

Certification Course Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the eligibility requirements?

A. You must hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher and be invested in improving virtual instruction.

Q. How long does it take to complete the certification?

A. You have up to nine months to complete the certification, although the average person completes the entire certification process in approximately three months.

Q. How much does it cost to complete the certification?

A. Certification is a one-time payment of $599 or available in three easy payments of $210.

Q. Will my certification need to be renewed?

A. Yes, due to the ever-changing nature of technology, certification must be renewed every two years. There is a renewal fee of $149 that covers updated course materials and assignments.

Q. What can I expect in the course?

A. There will be a combination of readings, discussion boards, essays, videos, and activities. We expect each certification candidate to complete every lesson with integrity and at the rigor of graduate coursework. The culminating product of this certification course will be an e-portfolio demonstrating your proficiency level of effectively implementing a virtual classroom.

Q. What is the requirement for passing the course?

A. You must receive an 80% or better on your e-portfolio to earn the certification. You will have two chances after your first submission to attain 80%. If you cannot earn 80% after a total of three tries, you will meet with the review board to discuss next steps.


Q. What are the technical requirements for this course?

A. You must have access to high-speed internet, a webcam (for creating videos), virtual conferencing software, a word processing program, and optional video editing software

Q. Will my progress be saved if I log off in the middle of a section?

A. Yes, the software saves your work every time you continue to the next page in the course. It will also remember where you left off when you log-off, then come back on.

Q. Will I be able to rewatch/review a section after I complete it?

A. Yes, you have access to all lessons even after you complete them.

Q. Can I edit an assignment after I completed that lesson?

A. Yes, you will submit all assignments (except for discussion boards) at the very end of the entire course, which means you can continue to edit/revise all assignments throughout the course until you submit your completed e-portfolio.


Q. How will this certificate help me as an educator?

A. In a time where virtual learning is increasing exponentially, this certification will help you stand out as an educator who has invested in their own professional development and has demonstrated a commitment to higher-quality virtual instruction.

Q. What is the difference between the Certification Course and the Certification Course + Grad Credit?

A. The Grad Credit version includes four additional assignments and a couple of additional readings. However, if you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree from Adams State University, you will earn 3 graduate credit hours for completing this course.

Q. How do I convert my course completion into graduate credits?

A. Once you complete the Certification + Grad Credit course, you will contact Adams State University and pay them a fee of $165. They will add this to your transcript. We will provide you with email reminders including the exact steps you need to take at the end of your course.

Q. How do I let potential employers know that I have earned this certification?

A. Once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate proving your passing status. You may list this credential on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and even include the certificate in your e-portfolio.

Q. Is it necessary to have this certificate to be a virtual instructor?

A. While this certificate is not required to be a virtual instructor, it is proof that you have taken the time and effort to become the highest-quality virtual instructor you can be by utilizing nationally recognized best practices. It is a credential that can set you apart from all other teachers applying for virtual instructor positions who do not have this certification.