Being an Effective Virtual Educator in Today’s World

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June 1, 2021

As online learning is growing in popularity globally, virtual teachers are in more demand than ever. Becoming a high-quality virtual teacher, however, can be a challenge for even the most experienced traditional educators. In this article, we are going to outline several skills and abilities a prospective virtual teacher should focus on honing when becoming an online educator.

Be Passionate

A teacher cannot truly impart knowledge to their students without being passionate about what they are teaching. Words and body language go a long way when it comes to student learning.

Be Adaptable

Virtual teaching is all about being able to adapt to students’ needs and utilizing the right technology at the right time. When things don’t go as planned or technology fails, having backup plans and flexibility will greatly benefit the quality of your instruction.

Be Supportive

Even in a virtual environment, always try to ensure that you have a positive presence. When students do not understand topics or seem frustrated, let them know you are there to help and your role as a teacher remains the same, even when you are in different places.

Be Available

Virtual teachers need to make themselves available for students to meet with outside of regular class time. Teachers who hold regular office hours or set up periodic meetings with students create better relationships and better student performance outcomes.

Be Creative

Thinking outside of the box, especially in a digital environment, keeps learning fresh and fun! Help students retain more information by implementing digital tools that support pedagogy and content acquisition. Use a variety of resources to keep students engaged and stimulated.

In conclusion, all of these skills when put together create a high-quality learning environment for your virtual classroom. This will demonstrate that you have successfully become an effective virtual educator for students. For more information about career opportunities, the National Virtual Teacher Association offers a free personal development course in intro to virtual teaching.

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